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Cell Phone Jammers: French cinemas act to jam mobiles

Perfectjammer 2022/07/19

  The French government has backed a move to install equipment to block signals in cinemas, concert halls and theatres.

  Emergency phone calls and calls outside the performance area will still be permitted, however.

Cell Phone Jammers: French cinemas act to jam mobiles

  There are regulations from the 1930s banning people from messing with government-licenced spectrum. Probably made great sense at the time. Technology has advanced though, but the regulations have not become more sophisticated along with it. The regulations make cell-phone jamming technology.

  Develop a device that jams cell phones by broadcasting a short-range signal in the same frequency range that they use. Perfect for libraries, theathers, and nice restaurants where you'd not want some kid's cell phone ringing with J-Z's latest hit when their mom calls.

  Trouble is the politically influential telecom companies love these antiquated regulations. The telecom companies really hate the idea of cell phone jammers gps. Jammers would reduce the number of minutes we spend racking up our cell phone bills, costing them millions. While on the other hand, the rest of us would welcome jammers in certain public situations.

  While you can buy jammers online now, the demand for. Demand for cell phone blocking services has put market forces to work though.

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