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How long before 5G jammers are in use?

Esther M. Jun 03, 2019 16:59

With the coming of 2019, 5G is getting closer and closer. A large number of 5G mobile phones are expected by the end of 2019.While this is a cause for celebration, it is not a good thing for business managers. Actually, it's not hard to imagine. Every company has employees who use their phones to slack off. They will connect to WiFi or use data traffic to browse various social software. Such as Facebook and twitter. Back in the 4G era, the average corporate manager bought a 4G cell phone jammer. But with the advent of 5G, 4G jamming devices will no longer work.

before 5g jammers

Therefore, enterprise managers will face a serious problem. Once 5G interference equipment does not appear in time, their work efficiency will be greatly affected. Fortunately, Perfectjammer is now developing 5G jamming equipment, which is expected to be released together with the first batch of 5G mobile phones