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Does installing a mobile phone jammer in a car really make people concentrate on driving?

Perfectjammer 2020-06-30

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The US Department of Transportation is looking for new technologies to install jammers in cars to prevent drivers from using cell phones while driving. The Secretary of Transportation said on the breakfast show: "There are many technologies that can disable cell phones, which we are studying. This is a method, but you must have good laws, you must have good law enforcement capabilities, and you must be responsible for dashes." and It can also be accepted by most people.

Lahoud said that about 5,500 people were killed by texting or calling while driving last year. To raise awareness, DOT launched a new online campaign called "Distracted Ram" so that the victims made a simple mistake in telling how they changed their lives.

Although the Ministry of Transport is researching software solutions, it may recognize that mobile phones are being used while driving, but there are still many problems that cannot identify whether passengers or drivers are using mobile phones. Through this restriction, the government does not need technology, so it is hoped that those who own the technology for their own benefit or the company that owns the equipment can install the portable jammer on the fleet.

Scientist Paul Atchley of the University of Kansas believes that these technologies are not enough, and many technologies will be able to solve problems. He believes that the only feasible way is to change people's attitude. But people's attitudes are not very clear. Don't use mobile phones while driving. Therefore, a jammer is necessary. You can also use a mobile phone shielding bag and put the phone in to enjoy quiet driving pleasure and do wise things. Don’t write or speak while driving, everyone will win.

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