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GPS jammer blocks positioning

Perfectjammer 2020-12-28

For people in the auto loan industry, risk control is the focus. The easier it is for people to enjoy convenient and high-quality services, the more they have to bear certain risks for such services. In order to reduce this risk as much as possible, the most common approach for car loan companies is to install GPS locators on their customers' cars. But there will be some customers "there are policies, but there are countermeasures". If you install GPS, I won't let it work. In addition to removing it directly, some people will find a way to install a gps jammer. How can this be broken?

The shielded GPS locator cannot receive the signal, so there is no way to update its latest position, causing delays or errors in the background positioning information. This is a very big hidden danger for the staff of the car loan company. If the positioning information is fuzzy, the vehicle status cannot be understood in time. The later vehicle management work will greatly increase. The long-term "cat and mouse" will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. .

So far, there is no GPS locator that is completely immune to any jammers. But there are some small ways to avoid this kind of thing as much as possible.

First of all, GPS jammers on the market are used to block signal reception, but there is a disadvantage that it will block all the equipment signals in the car. In other words, not only can the car owner not use GPS, but also communication equipment like mobile phones. How many of modern people can leave their mobile phones? Unless the car owner removes the GPS installed on the car, the backstage of the car loan company will not receive any information at all. As for the consequences of complete dismantling, Sward has also shared with everyone the harm of this approach before. So as long as the car owner needs his own mobile device, he must turn off the jammer. At the same time, when the GPS is turned off, the signal can also be received to work.

Also, many positioners now have basic anti-shielding effects. To put it bluntly, it is to use "device sleep", when the device is not working, it will automatically "sleep", during this period GPS will not send and receive any information, only the working time set in the background will work automatically and send vehicle data . The jammer and the so-called signal detector are not effective for GPS in the "sleeping" state, because no signal can be detected at all.

As for those car owners who want to find out where the locator is installed on the car, I can only say admiration. Sword developed a series of strong magnetic, installation-free, ultra-long standby GPS, small and exquisite, as long as it is not easy to block the signal, almost the car can be installed. Those who know a little bit of placement skills can hide the locator well and don’t worry about being easily discovered.