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GPS jammer has always been the most troublesome electronic device in the United States

Perfectjammer 2020-06-15

jammer most troublesome electronic device

According to reports, the South Korean military is now most concerned about North Korea’s concentrated use of this GPS jamming device during the war, which has reduced the accuracy of most precision-guided missiles and bombs of the South Korean and American armies. Therefore, the relevant parties in South Korea and the United States "are working hard to formulate countermeasures." The report also introduced that whether it is the US or South Korean military, the main precision-guided weapons they equip rely on gps jammer. Take the Joint Guided Attack Weapon (JDAM) as an example. This is one of the most widely used weapons by the US military in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The South Korean military also plans to purchase 900 of these bombs by 2012. Some long-range air-to-ground weapons such as the US Tomahawk cruise missiles are also guided by GPS.

In addition to worrying about weapons being affected when a war broke out with North Korea, South Korea also revealed that North Korea is actively marketing such jamming equipment abroad. A South Korean government source said on the 28th: ​​"The GPS jamming device developed by North Korea is being exported to the Middle East, and it is currently closely monitoring its movements." The source revealed that the price of North Korea's jamming equipment is even lower than similar products in Russia. Selling to Middle Eastern countries such as Iran and Syria is a headache for the US military. After the outbreak of the Iraq War in 2003, the Iraqi army used a Russian-made GPS jamming device to induce multiple US military precision-guided missiles to deviate from their heading, preventing them from hitting their targets. US President Bush even called Putin, the then Russian president, for this matter, which caused quite a stir internationally. However, at the time, Iraq had obtained only a few jamming devices and failed to form a network, so the US military eventually destroyed all of these equipment. This time, North Korea has mastered the production technology of GPS jammer devices, making it possible for large-scale equipment, and its influence range has also greatly increased.

GPS interference has been a headache for the US military

The United States currently has control of GPS, and the US military is its most important user. In the Iraq war, 80% of the precision-guided weapons used by the US military were GPS-guided. Therefore, it has always been worried that foreign countries will interfere with GPS signals and reduce the accuracy of these weapons. Due to the limited transmission power of GPS satellites, and the distance between it and the ground is often more than 20,000 kilometers, the GPS signal jammer received on the ground is relatively weak, and the difficulty of interference is not high. The report of the US Global Strategy Network believes that GPS signals can be interfered and shielded at different stages of missile flight, especially for missiles such as "Tomahawk" cruise missiles that have long-distance and long-distance attacks. At the end of the missile's flight, the jamming signal may even prevent the missile from targeting the target.

The United States had previously believed that only a few countries such as the United States, Russia, China, and Israel had GPS interference technology. The United States has shown a cigarette box-sized signal jammer, which is enough to interfere with GPS receivers within a radius of 16 kilometers. The cheap GPS jammer designed by Russia weighs 3-10 kg and can interfere with the four frequency bands of the existing GPS system in the United States.

Facing more and more countries in the world mastering GPS jammer technology, the United States has also begun to consider countermeasures. The realization of GPS signal anti-interference ability is mainly to improve the receiving system or the transmitting source. However, for the huge number of US military missiles, although the cost of improving the receiving system accounts for only a small part of the missile manufacturing cost, the cost of upgrading them all makes the US military unbearable.

The US military pinned its anti-interference hopes on a new generation of GPS systems. According to the British "Jane's Defense Weekly", the GPS-3 being developed in the United States will change the old GPS architecture. Its anti-jamming capability is 100-500 times higher than the existing GPS system, and uses the most advanced encryption technology. . The US military is expected to launch another 24 new satellites in 20 years, replacing the current 24 old GPS satellites. Lockheed Martin also announced that they have developed a new generation of receivers for GPS-3. They not only have strong anti-jamming capabilities, but also can set an automatic anti-spoofing mode to counter the enemy's jamming activities.

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