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GPS jammer is aimed at some unscrupulous people

Perfectjammer 2020-12-27

Videos, novels, and online games have become the "standard" of current browser applications. In order to emphasize the existence of these functions, some browsers simply put them directly on the bottom switch page. We also encountered a more blatant approach: There are two third-party browsers, both of which enable the "Notification Bar Tool" function by default. In fact, the search bar or shortcut function entry is displayed on your notification bar. Our usage habits, browsers easily steal our personal information, mobile cell phone jammer can prevent their theft.

Looking at it this way, most mainstream mobile browsers in China are no longer a single browser mode. News, videos, novels, games, etc. are all available, and you can hardly even find another application type on the market that can be comparable to browsers in terms of functionality. Except WeChat. In contrast, the browsers should do a good job in web browsing and search, but they are ignored by manufacturers and gradually become an accessory function. You can hardly say that this is a good change, perhaps this is what they steal information. It's just a means, we can use cell phone jammers to prevent time from happening again.

I want to do everything, but I don’t know how to do anything; but if I don’t do it, the frequency and stickiness of the browser cannot be increased. This may be the dilemma that every browser application is facing in the era of mobile Internet. Some people will definitely wonder, the same are all browsers, why don't applications like Chrome, Safari, etc. have these messy things? This is determined by different business models and product positioning. For Google and Apple, the browser does not exist in isolation, but a tool under their own operating system. The browser itself has no profit pressure, so you only need to do what the browser should do, but it is a very scary thing for some people with ulterior motives. We can use mobile phone jammers to prevent it.

What's more, these two browsers also have advantages that similar applications do not have: Safari has iOS and Mac systems behind it, while Chrome has Android. Just pre-installed on the phone, there are already third-party browsers that are difficult to match. The advantages. But third-party browsers are different. Today, it is difficult for a simple browser to rely on the user to enter the URL and open the page as a selling point. With the decline in entry status, traffic being divided, and market share facing giants, it is difficult to countermeasures. Even the most important "search" in browsers, many people have become accustomed to completing it in WeChat and Weibo. This is successful Reduce the loss of information, but is browsing in WeChat really safe? We suggest that a small cell phone jammer is needed for protection.

You may not remember, when was the last time you opened the browser actively. Shopping, you will find Taobao; taxi, you will find Didi; order food, you will find Meituan... Most of our daily life and work needs have been divided by these apps, and the frequency and duration of use , Are far more than opening a browser. When will the browser be needed? The external link sent by a friend cannot be opened in WeChat, you may need to use it to do a jump; or you have encountered a knowledge blind spot and want the search engine to save it; someone told me that he is only connecting to the public When using WiFi, I only think of actively clicking on the built-in browser, just to go through the verification code process.

However, these scenes are generated passively. As mentioned above, if you want to increase the user's desire to open the browser actively, the distribution of information flow, games, literature and other content, as well as the notification push that can continuously refresh the presence, are all simple Direct and more effective approach. This is why some people say that the end of the browser is a platform-level application and content distribution platform. It is precisely because the positioning of the browser is gradually blurred, it can integrate various services without any worries, saving users the time to find, download and use other APPs, and bring more traffic to themselves.

The browser that comes with the mobile phone is not hopeless, at least from our experience, most of the built-in browsers have a built-in switch, which may be called "personalized recommendation", "information notification", or Called "Guess you like" and "Notification Bar Message", anyway, the ultimate goal is to create opportunities for push notifications. These switches are turned on by default, but you can also turn them off manually, which can largely solve the problem of the built-in browser to push messages randomly and get rid of information overload. But it takes some thought to find out these switches. We found that some browsers directly hide the options in the second-level menu or even the third-level menu of the setting page. If you don’t click to view them one by one, many people will not Will know.

In addition to manually streamlining the browser, more people will turn to some niche browsers. Quark, Magic, X, Via, etc. are all representatives of third-party browsers that strive for simplicity in function and design. Relying on plug-ins such as video downloads, resource sniffing, and micro-innovations in interaction, they have also won many users from the mainstream browser market. But how far these niche browsers can go, we don’t know yet. After all, with pre-installed identities and numerous functions, most mobile phones with built-in browsers don’t have to worry too much about their traffic, and there will be no obvious crisis. sense. I only hope that after this rectification, the information flow and advertisements of mainstream browsers can be slightly converged, or at least provide a refreshing version of the switch, so that we have the opportunity to choose by ourselves.