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Can mobile phone browser security be handled by mobile phone jammer?

Perfectjammer 2021-01-03

On the evening of October 26, the State Cyberspace Administration of China announced that it would carry out rectification actions on mobile browsers, focusing on content such as "Title Party" articles, vulgar graphics and videos, and rumor information, while stealing user information from browsers. Experts have made some suggestions on the matter, you can use mobile cell phone jammer for security protection. Judging from the list, the four major Android manufacturers, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO, have their own browsers on the list. Taking into account their respective market shares, this means that this browser rectification will affect 80% of the country. Around mobile phone users.

In addition, third-party browsers with a large number of users, such as UC, QQ, 360, and Sogou, were also "named" and included in the first batch of rectifications. Many users have long been dissatisfied with mobile browsers and have been complaining for a long time. In addition to the content chaos mentioned by the Office of the Cyberspace Administration of China, the complicated built-in functions of the browser and the uncontrolled pop-up push are also annoying. But how do these browsers in the list work? Is it really that bad? In the past two days, we have also found a mobile phone of the corresponding brand and actually experienced the functions of several browsers. The following are our findings.

Every browser wants to put a headline in it. The problems of mobile browsers will actually be noticed after you click on them. We opened 8 mobile browsers, namely Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, UC, Sogou, QQ and 360 one by one. Their first screens, without exception, are presented in information flow, and they have fallen all the way, and we have not bottomed out. The traffic is also rapidly consumed in these useless things, is it so that we can use cell phone jammers to block it.

If you can't see the search box at the top, you might not think that this is a browser application. But this is indeed the status quo. In fact, the next day after the rectification notice on the 26th was issued, these browsers had already issued the "Self-Inspection and Rectification Announcement" at the top of the information flow as required. At the same time, some browsers also replaced the content of the information stream, and only selected media sources with news editing rights, which reduced the frequency of lace news, celebrity gossip, and self-media news, but the information stream still retained advertisements. . But what did the information flow of these browsers look like? We found a mobile phone product that was not within the scope of this rectification, and clicked on its own browser. The content is basically from the media. Swipe down a few more, and you will see the familiar small video of the side ball again. In terms of quality, I can't praise it.

This is also the original style of most browsers: all kinds of graphic information from unknown self-media, supplemented by exaggerated headlines, and mixed with short videos, advertising banner pages, and we always like to ridicule "UC shock Body" can be seen everywhere in these information streams. The push frequency of these browsers is also very high. As long as you don’t turn off the push notifications, even if your phone has no browser on, and you let it sit for a while, all kinds of news will be piled up on the notification bar, but it’s not the kind of important national event. We also asked some friends around us about the push of the browser. Most people just turned off the notification permission of the built-in browser just because they don't want to be tossed by these pushes. The information flow page is just one of the functions provided by the current mobile browser. Most people complain about the "bloated" and "messy" browsers because they also do a lot of services that should not be required by browsers, and sometimes they have a certain impact on our payment security. Mobile jammers block?