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WiFi jammer shields building signals

Puric Aleksandar April 18, 2021 10:30

Use wifi jammers effectively to block your wifi network. The wifi jammer we provide can not only block LAN signals, but also effectively function as mobile phone jammers. You can use this function while charging to effectively block the signal. You can put it anywhere in your pocket or bag and block the frequency anywhere. According to a new intelligence report, weapons capable of disrupting or destroying U.S. military and commercial satellites will reach their initial combat capabilities within the next few years. Wi-Fi jammers will only have some impact outside the building, and the signal should not arrive. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the structure of the building, you will be received immediately after you go out.

Purchase a mobile signal jammer to keep your staff focused. WIFI interference is very useful in other areas of business and life. Mobile WiFi jammers can block radio signals from mobile phones in the area. In the past, it was mainly used by government agencies for defensive purposes, but over time, it has also been used in other areas. Therefore, people can now buy cell phone signal jammers for personal purposes. Before buying a phone jammer, it is important to understand what a jammer is and how it works. Read on to understand its function and purpose.

A WiFi jammer is a device that prevents the radio signal of a mobile phone from reaching the base station. In fact, the working principle of a mobile phone is to send and receive wireless signals to and from the network tower. In order to block the radio signal, the WiFi jammer selects "send signal", and then the mobile phone sends it to the network tower. In fact, these "transmitted signals" are transmitted at low frequencies. As a result, the WiFi jammer sends its own signal at the same frequency, thereby blocking the connection between the mobile phone and the network station.