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How to work drone jammer?

Francis J. Apr 18, 2019 16:27

The working principle of the drone jammer in simple terms, is through the radio signal coverage to affect the normal reception unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Actually works is more complex. By emitting different signal, can be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) return or cannot send images.

to work drone jammer

The Drone Gun portable rifle-style jammer, which works independently or in conjunction with Perfectjammer’s acoustic drone detection technology to locate and neutralise potential threats by air.

When a drone is hit with a jammer’s signal, the drone usually returns back to its origin point (unless GPS is also jammed), giving the jammer user the option to track the drone back to the pilot. Sometimes the drones might even perform a vertical descent and land on the spot intact, which offers the option of performing a forensic investigation. Landing on the spot is also the general response from drones when both RF and GPS are jammed at the same time.