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Block Cell Phone Number 2Degrees

Artander Lone 2021-11-05

With the approach of the end of the year, many criminals with the mentality of "getting a vote" at the end of the year are trying to steal the property in the parking lot through the so-called car phone jammer. The reporter found through investigation that the current Block Cell Phone Number 2Degrees can interfere with the remote door lock within two hundred meters, leaving the car in a false lock state, which is difficult for car owners who are not careful enough to find out. It is reported that the electronic signal jammer is also known as the car remote control signal jammer. The function of the electronic mobile phone signal jammer is mainly to open the work switch within the effective interference distance, and through frequency interference, the car using the remote control lock can not receive the remote control signal, and the remote control lock function is lost. cell phone jammer

Searching on the Internet using " Block Cell Phone Number 2Degrees " and "car blocker" as keywords, it is found that the phenomenon of selling "car jammers" on the Internet is very common, and the price varies depending on the strength of the function. On the "Super Car Shielding Jammer" sold by an online shop, its product description also noted: The shielding interference distance is more than 100 meters, it is a powerful remote control shielding mobile phone jammer, which can shield and interfere with all the interference on the market. The latest models of Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen series and other cars. As a buyer, contacted a seller who sold mobile phone jammers. During the discussion, the seller said, “Purchase the product, you can pay on delivery, and the car can be inspected.” At the same time, the seller also said, The best products in its hands can interfere with more than 90% of models, and even luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW are also in the interference range. Regarding the price, the seller bluntly said that the product with good effect is naturally expensive, and the cheaper one is for a limited number of models.