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Try not to call while driving

Perfectjammer 2020-06-30

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When investigating a highway jungle in Kentucky in 2010, 11 of them were murdered. The NTSB proposed to completely ban commercial drivers from using all mobile phones, including the use of hands-free equipment. When the disaster happened, the driver of the huge trailer responsible for the disaster was on his mobile phone. The information collected by the NTSB indicates that the driver of this trailer worked hard to write, often talking on the phone during the time that caused the disaster. The NTSB recorded 69 SMS and phone calls from the driver. The driver drove 24 hours before the disaster. The ultimate killer of this incident was the mobile phone. If a mobile phone portable jammer was installed in the car at that time, perhaps a life could be saved.

NTSB Chairman Deborah Hessman said: "Now, for large rig drivers, the change of behavior has begun." US Transport Secretary Ray LaHood said: "When you drive, you should be safe Driving." "Calling or making calls on the go can be fatal within a few seconds, especially when large rigs or buses are running. Therefore, the US Department of Transportation recently banned all business drivers from texting and writing while driving. Speaking, they are also prohibiting the use of mobile phones. No such calls or text messages are worth the risk of life. “NTSB has no regulatory body, so it makes recommendations to all state and even federal agencies. If the ban is passed, it will affect nearly 4 million drivers.

It was also pointed out that employers will make the streets safer by issuing guidelines on workers/drivers and ensuring that these drivers know that their work is entirely dependent on the service. If you are using a mobile phone jammer, you can also ensure that no phone calls or text messages distract your attention while driving to avoid distracted driving accidents. How do you think all business drivers should be banned from using mobile phones? Is the company you work driving safe? Please let us know your thoughts in the message.

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