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Mobile jammer protects Xiaomi browser

Perfectjammer 2021-01-02

According to Indian media reports, the Indian government has banned a Chinese app. This time, the Xiaomi browser on Xiaomi phones did not escape the Indian government's clutches. At present, the Indian government has banned the use of Mi Browser on smartphones produced by Xiaomi. The Indian media said that this will also affect other Chinese companies in India, but a mobile cell phone jammer company is very popular.

According to reports, on June 29, the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps, including Chinese apps like TikTok, UC Browser, Helo, Likee, Shareit, Mi Neighborhood, WeChat and CamScanner. On July 27, the Indian government suggested using cell phone signal jammers to block another 47 applications, including Baidu Search and Sina Weibo. After the Indian government accused these apps of “participating in actions that harm India’s sovereignty and integrity, national defense, national security, and public order”, the federal government decided to block them.

According to reports, Xiaomi has sold more than 100 million smartphones in India, accounting for nearly 30% of the Indian smartphone market. According to Indian officials, the use of Mi Browser may affect the operation of these devices, as well as network access. Currently, Xiaomi India is in dialogue with the Indian government to clarify its position. Xiaomi officials told Indian reporters that banning the Mi browser will not affect Mi mobile phones, because users can get all other browsers for free, and users who are not assured can use mobile cell phone jammer to protect them.

A spokesperson for Xiaomi India also stated that the company will discuss with Indian officials to resolve the matter, including that the company will follow local safety knowledge and different laws and tips. "Under Indian law, Xiaomi continues to comply with and adhere to all knowledge, privacy and security needs. We are working towards resolving this incident and can take acceptable measures as needed. As part of the method, we will work with Key stakeholders cooperate to provide the possibility to submit our submissions," the spokesperson added.