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The interference effect of GPS jammer is much better than the suppression interference

Perfectjammer 2020-06-15

jammer suppression interference

The GPS jammer is used to block the GPS signal in the car, also called the blocker, which will cause the car loan GPS locator to be unable to transmit the current position data of the vehicle through the network signal, so it cannot be located. If the mobile phone is in this environment, There will be no signal. As for the impact on the device itself.

GPS interference method:
GPS interference, like ordinary electronic interference, is also divided into two types: suppression and deception.

Suppressed interference:
There are narrow-band interference (aiming type), wide-band interference (blocking type), continuous interference and pulse interference in the interference time. The advantage of suppressed interference is that the technical difficulty is less, but the required interference power is larger.

Deceptive interference
It is to transmit interference signals similar to gps jammer, misleading GPS receivers to deviate from accurate navigation and positioning. The advantages of this kind of interference are obvious, the required interference power is small, and the interference effect is much better than the suppression interference. Of course, the technical difficulty of deceptive interference is far greater than that of suppression interference. Because it is necessary to know the GPS satellite code pattern and the message data sent at that time to realize deception, it is quite difficult to understand and master these.

The signal jammer is an electronic device, and it emits frequency when it is working, so it must be radiated. We recommend using it as far away as possible from the shield one meter away. At this time, the radiation is very small, basically similar to the mobile phone, and it will not affect the human body.

The gps receiver is actually composed of 2 parts
The first part is to receive satellite signals
The second part is to calculate the time it takes for satellites at different positions in Earth orbit to transmit to the receiver to calculate the position of the GPS ground receiver (including latitude, longitude and altitude)
The radio signal screen rate used by the GPS receiver is about 1500mhz
So it is entirely possible to interfere with the GPS signal.
We use GPS to receive radio signal transmission with the same signal frequency,
You can interfere with the receiver.

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