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Do Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones

Holmes Mark 2022-02-18

With the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for Do Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones for various conferences, exams, etc. has also greatly increased, so mobile phone signal jammers naturally have a broad market. However, most users do not know enough about mobile phone signal jammers, and often choose high-power shielding one-sidedly in order to achieve good results, which has many hidden dangers. The principle of cell phone jammer is to transmit interference signals through broadband to interfere with the uplink signal of the mobile phone, so as to shield the work of the mobile phone. So this is a signal transmitter in itself. As a signal transmitter, radiation is naturally generated. According to the needs of use, the current shielding transmission power ranges from 1W to 480W. How much is this transmission power? In contrast, the maximum transmit power of a GSM mobile phone is 2W, and the maximum transmit power of a GSM macro base station is 20W to 40W. In addition, the shielded transmit power is generally between 10 and 60W for testing and conferences.

Generally speaking, for general exams and small meetings, choosing a Do Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones of 2W-10W transmit power can achieve good results. However, from the survey of major schools and important conference venues, many places unilaterally pursue high-power shielding. For example, there are more than 20 classrooms, each classroom has a shield and chooses 30W transmit power. After the inspection, due to the lack of attention to use, it often occurs that a small number of shields are not closed in time, and the launch continues for several weeks. Especially in an elementary school, I passed an exam and failed for two weeks in a row. Therefore, I strongly appeal to all units that use mobile phones to shield signals: 1. Don't blindly choose high-power shielding. In a classroom, choosing a shield with 2W transmit power is enough to achieve the shielding effect. 2. After use, the shield must be closed in time to avoid continuous radiation. 3. Be sure to choose a shield produced by a regular manufacturer. The shields produced by informal manufacturers often pursue good shielding effects in pursuit of good shielding effects.