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Cell phones are not allowed in prison

Perfectjammer 2020-06-15

cell phones allowed prison

Delhi’s Mandoli prison (Mandoli) has more than 3,000 prisoners. The prison does not have a cell phone jammer because the prison administration is still waiting for 4G jammers. Mandoli’s prison officials opened up to prisoners in 2016 to ease the work of Tihar Prison in Delhi. They confirmed that they had not installed a gps jammer. The device is used to block the signal sent by the mobile phone, even if the prisoner manages to inject the phone, the prisoner cannot use the phone in the prison complex.

In Indian prisons, prisoners are prohibited from carrying or using mobile phones. Mandoli's prisoners used something that was undisturbed to free themselves. They make phone calls, file complaints or make videos, and share them with their contacts in the city-this is unabashed 4G brilliance. In the past two months, Delhi police said they blew up two blackmailers manipulated by prisoners in the Mandoli prison complex. According to reports, on Thursday, three prisoners were arrested for obtaining 50,000 rupees from a man in the Gieta colony (formally released from prison in this case).

Two days ago, the city police special team (counter-terrorism department) claimed to have avoided the murder by arresting two men who were instructed to kill the two men by an instruct in Mandoli. The police subsequently reported that they had intercepted a call from Chandban (also known as Oman Yadav) in Mandoli Prison to his staff Barki Mountain and Mohamed Attic to eliminate the two who did not protect him Golden person.

A senior official from the Ministry of the Interior said that the 4G jammer recently approved by the government was unavailable earlier. "We have started to install them and preparations are in progress. It will take some time to allow the use of jammers and the latest technology for installation. Once installed, these devices will be the best and make all mobile phones unusable in prison."

Fifteen days ago, a video from a Westerner in Uttar Pradesh showed that the man recorded a video on his mobile phone while cooking in the Mandoli prison cell and became popular on social media. Prison officials said that although the new prison was equipped with jammers, the warden had instructed him to strictly control it every day.

"Senior officials have instructed us to conduct strict security checks and warned us about the actions we should take when smuggling phones. In the case of a small number of prisoners using mobile phones, investigations have been ordered. We have been warned that strict measures will be taken to Cope with this problem. Such a thing will not happen in the future."

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