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Jammers are also risky during use

Perfectjammer 2020-06-15

jammers also risky during

Less than a month after South Korea decided to introduce the GPS-guided JASSM joint defense zone air-to-surface missile manufactured by the United States, North Korea launched a powerful countermeasure. According to a report on the 29th of Korea’s “Korea Daily”, North Korea has independently developed GPS jamming devices and plans to export to Iran, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Because the main missiles equipped by the US and South Korean troops rely on GPS guidance, they are worried that North Korea’s jamming equipment will make the US and South Korea’s precision-guided weapons into “blinds”. This is also the most worrying thing for all our countries. Now GPS jammers can not only It is used in military and civilian applications.

Gps jammer is useful, this device can shield the gps signal, suitable for some users who do not want others to know their location. Some cars purchased in installments or mortgage cars are equipped with a GPS system, and GPS can be used to know the real-time location of the car. If the user does not repay on time, the bank can find a trailer to drag the user's car away.

In general long-distance buses, GPS positioning devices will be installed on the mortgage cars. Some people can find the location of the GPS and remove it through the detector, and some people will put the gps jammer on the car. If the car is purchased in installments, it is recommended that owners repay on time and do not use gps jammers. Some people are eager to buy a mortgage car cheaply, and users are advised not to buy a mortgage car. This kind of car cannot be transferred, and there is a greater risk in the later use.

Some long-distance bus drivers often use GPS jammers, so that the company cannot see where it is. Drivers are advised not to use jammers, long-distance driving for four consecutive hours to rest for 20 minutes. There are active and passive GPS positioning devices on general automobiles. Passive GPS positioning device does not need to rely on the electric work in the car battery. This kind of gps comes with a battery, which can send signal signals at intervals. Active GPS needs to rely on the electricity in the battery to work properly. So for Is the car GPS jammer above useful? I have talked so much about the introduction, I hope that the introduction will bring inspiration and help to everyone, thank you very much for your attention.

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