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Cell phone jammers clean up the network

Perfectjammer 2020-12-30

In mid-November, a CCTV news article "Mobile phone pornography ravages teenagers and is deeply victimized" pushed mobile pornographic websites to the forefront. With the exposure of the mobile pornographic interest chain, SP service providers, independent WAP websites, and mobile Operators, broadband service access providers, advertising alliances, third-party payment platforms and other relevant interest groups have been exposed one after another, which has set off a wave of waves of anti-yellow peril campaigns across the country. In the past month, government departments and telecom operators have successively introduced various measures to purify mobile phone networks, and thousands of vulgar websites have been destroyed. However, the reporter's investigation found that there are still many vulgar websites that provide "beauty pictures" and "passionate novels" on the mobile Internet. Why are these websites repeatedly banned? Because network vulnerabilities let those yellow perils take advantage of the loopholes, we can use cell phone jammer to stop them.

The "anti-vice storm" that blew up in mid-November became a national movement. On the afternoon of December 8, nine departments including the Central Foreign Propaganda Office, the Office of the National Anti-vice and Anti-illegal Work Group, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Culture jointly launched a special action to combat pornographic websites. Mobile websites, audio and video websites, dating websites, and search engine websites will focus on combating. Previously, the three major telecommunications operators have promised to conduct self-employment inspections, strictly control content provider/service provider (CP/SP) business, independent website content, and use of independent websites that violate regulations and laws for business promotion, etc. All WAP SP services are shielded from mobile cell phone jammer and reviewed item by item. Taking China Telecom as an example, the direct access website and the ISP access website have been thoroughly investigated again, and the websites that have not been filed, the websites that have been falsely filed, and the declared content does not match the actual content, and the websites suspected of bad content will all be closed.

In the "Focus on Mobile Internet Pornography" program broadcast by CCTV on November 14 in "Focus Interview", student Lan Lan searched for "anti-aircraft guns" on his mobile phone after the National Day military parade, but accidentally opened a "HD Cannon" Pornographic websites have become the fuse of the nationwide "anti-vice" trend. But when the reporter entered "HD Cannon" again on December 9th using the mobile phone YY search, the top search result was this website under the banner of "adult website without virus". Click on the website and you can still successfully open sections such as "Campus Spring", "Passion Novel", and "Adult Video". The "HD Cannon" is still "alive", which reflects the weakness of government supervision in the vigorous crackdown on mobile phone pornography. On the homepage of "HD Cannon", it reads in large fonts: "Dear user, you are currently browsing the USA adult website established in the United States of America. If you are not a Chinese user, it is recommended not to continue browsing this page. Please abide by local laws. Regulations.” The irony is that this website, which urges non-US users not to log in, has all content in simplified Chinese characters.

"Telecom operators can't do anything about websites like ‘HD Can’ with domain names and servers located abroad." An operator insider was rather helpless. On November 25, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology explicitly required all operators to earnestly implement their mobile website access responsibilities and promptly cut off illegal websites. However, this person frankly admitted that for pornographic mobile websites with servers located abroad, operators will block them after dialing and testing or after users report them. That is, from the user's access side, they use mobile cell phone jammer on the IP of mobile pornographic websites. There is no other cure for shielding. According to the "Research Report on China's Internet Bad Information" published in February this year, more than 90% of online pornographic website servers are located abroad. For these websites, currently it can only be blocked from the International Gateway, but it is quite difficult to determine which are pornographic websites from the countless websites.