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GPS jammer blocks Bluetooth dongle

Holan Martin March 27, 2021 11:30

How to block the bluetooth wave?

You can also wrap the cable hole with metal foil, but if there is no metal foil, the overall signal attenuation is still high. Instead, you may be able to put the device in a metal box. If you can, please try to use a Class 3 Bluetooth dongle, or try to block it with a gps jammer.

How do you know if there is a microphone in the car?

It may be necessary to peel off the cover under the dashboard on the driver's side to check for spies. Once you can access it, look for a magnetically installed GPS jammer device. Check whether the module wiring harness is packaged correctly in the automobile wiring harness.

How can I find my car through Google Maps?

The operation is very simple: just click the small blue dot to symbolize your location. A menu will open with the option "Save parking space". A blue circle will appear on the map where your car is located.