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What is the impact of mobile phone jammers indoors and outdoors

Woods Daniel March 27, 2021 11:30

How to block recording?

For example, in a conversation between multiple interlocutors indoors and outdoors, they slide under the arms. Its use is very simple, just turn on the mobile cell phone jammer, and then point the mobile phone jammer to the area to be blocked. For example, for your office, interference will happen immediately.

How to reduce the wave of phone calls?

Using a cell phone jammer will cut off the smartphone’s antenna, thereby cutting off all communications with surrounding antennas, whether they are Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

How to neutralize the motion detector?

If they are criminals who want to use a cell phone jammer to shield your motion detector, they can use a cell phone jammer. In addition, please make sure that your motion detector has reliable dual-band quality, that is, on different frequencies and far away from each other.