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UAV jammer shields radio frequencies

Coops Blaze March 28, 2021 11:30

How to block a drone?

The watchdogs each sweep a 60-degree angle, looking for a signal between the drone jammer and the UAV. The eagle scans 360 degrees to detect the propeller and follow the flight path. If the drone gets too close, the Doberman will scramble to control the radio frequency.

How to interfere with the TV signal?

You just need to press the "mute" button on the remote control and keep it pressed until the sound on the TV is muted, and there (this is important) you must release this button immediately. Depending on the TV, you can turn it off, change the volume or change the channel.

How to disable vehicle tracking?

All you need to do is get a signal jammer plotter detector and walk around the car to find the location of the gps plotter. When a geographic location system is found, the detector will emit noise. To deactivate it, simply disconnect its battery