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The problem with mobile jammers

Knight Chris March 29, 2021 11:30

How to deal with phone jammers?

Interference detector, used to resist GSM jammers or alarms. The interference detector is also a solution to the alarm jammer. When the loss of GSM signal is detected, the anti-interference alarm will sound an alarm

How do I know if there is a cell phone jammer?

It is not difficult to detect the presence of mobile phone jammers nearby. Basically, if no signal is received and the signal bar is zero, there is an error.

How to pass the mobile phone jammer?

To block the network, radio waves must be emitted at the same frequency as the target, but with greater strength than the original signal.

How does the wave mobile jammer work?

The principle involves the continuous transmission of radio signals at the same frequency as a mobile phone. The cell phone jammer acts on the upstream signal-preventing the device from connecting to the network-or acts on the downstream signal-blocking all incoming calls.