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Portable Cell Phone Jammer 8 Band Phone Jammer

Mobile phone jammers can interrupt frequency band combinations

Downar Christoph March 18, 2021 10:30

Based on the intended purpose, you can determine whether a mobile phone jammer is the right choice. If you just want to block annoying or endless calls in public places, you only need to order a cell phone jammer to block GSM 3G signals. Or, if you want to block not only phone calls, but also the WiFi frequency of cellular networks and mobile phones to get rid of the ignorant bastards sitting at tables in restaurants, etc., you need to find a mobile phone jammer that can block GSM 3G to provide 4G WiFi frequencies at once .

Cell phone jammers are used in many different situations. In order to find the best solution to meet your requirements, we provide a series of mobile jammers for each possible application. However, there are so many wireless technologies in use today, and we can help you achieve your goals through the best combination of frequency bands to meet your needs. All combinations and adjustments are possible. Just send us your request and we will provide you with suggestions. We can design a system that suits you. Our production is very flexible, and we can accept a large number of orders in a short time without any loss of quality. All our products have undergone aging tests after production, and we only provide 100% feature phone jammers.