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Mobile phone jammer installed in the test center

Rieger Winfried March 17, 2021 10:30

In recent years, with the emergence of cell phone questionnaires in the State Council’s X-level and XII-level examinations, the committee has planned to use cell phone jammer, especially in sensitive test centers. "In the subsequent twelfth type of State Council review, the final decision on the use of mobile phone jammers will only be made at the upcoming board meeting. If funds allow, mobile phone jammers will be installed in some sensitive test centers. However, In view of the limitations of the fund, the use of mobile phone jammers is very likely to be restricted. That year, more than two Lakh candidates took the State Council’s XII test from 826 test centers, of which 21 test centers (mainly located in remote areas) ) Was rated as sensitive.

Legislators’ mobile phones no longer work in the legislative assembly or legislative committee. The officials in charge of the two companies have ordered security personnel to replace old cell phone jammer devices with new models to prevent GSM (such as the old version) and 3G 4G phones from not working properly. The representatives of the two houses of the Parliament said: “With the current interference equipment, only 3G 4G mobile phones will not work, and 5G models will not work. Therefore, it was decided to replace all interference equipment.” Congregation spokesperson and council chairman Bopaiah (Bopaiah) ) And DH Shankaramurthy DH are obliged to investigate the matter. Three MLAs were arrested before they were arrested while watching pornographic content on their smartphones in the club building. The official comment said: “It was after Shankaramurthy and Bopaiah were satisfied with the efficiency of the signal jammer that they obtained the permit and we bought the mobile phone jammer.”