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GPS jammer effectively prevents positioning

Perfectjammer 2021-04-22

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With the popularity of smart phones, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Its products are very convenient for communication, and it is easy to realize more home communication, even video calls. But the use of mobile phones has become more and more serious. The smartphone has functions such as shooting, GPS positioning and GPS navigation. These functions are very convenient and may pose a potential major threat to people, information will be leaked, and GPS tracking on mobile phones is more frequent. Mobile phones are aimed at the information age. It is an important communication equipment and entertainment equipment. However, there should be certain rules for using mobile phones. Not everyone can use them anywhere. For example, it is forbidden to make phone calls at gas stations.

The seller explained on its website that gps jammer are used to offset GPS beacons placed in the vehicle without the driver’s knowledge or his will. Therefore, in the United States, truck drivers have used it for many years, and they want to avoid surveillance of the company, such as working in the moonlight on a rest day. In 2009, at the Newark Airport near New York, the GPS aircraft guidance experimental system was mysteriously destroyed four times a week within a fixed period of time. It took a lot of time for experts to know that the culprit was a delivery truck with a GPS jammer, which was passing near the airport.

With the long-term surveillance beacons for carriers, police and spies now available to the public, this problem may soon expand. Garmin's car and leisure GPS are world-renowned, with a price tag of 199 euros. It is easy to hide in cars, motorcycles, and suitcases. It is an ideal tool for husbands, suspicious bosses, overly curious parents, and no honest competitors. Enthusiastic security services...If these tags are widely used, we should also expect an explosive growth in the sales of GPS jammers.

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