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Hackrf One Cell Phone Jammer

Cross Joshua 2021-09-06

With the development of the communications industry, especially 5G technology, mobile communications have brought great convenience to people’s lives, and the negative effects on high-secret occasions such as prisons and detention centers have become more and more obvious. If mobile phones are brought into prison and used by criminals, it will cause great harm to the management and safety of prisons, detention centers and other places. I have to mention Hackrf One Cell Phone Jammer here. Only by establishing a truly effective signal shielding system can prisons and detention centers provide strong physical defense protection. However, due to the current mixed market, many cheap mobile phone jammers are mainly suitable for general civilian use due to performance indicators, reliability, and operating conditions. cell phone jammer Maintain a fair environment to ensure that the test runs smoothly and safely.

In cinemas, theaters, churches, conference rooms, and even at funerals, the ringtones of mobile phones and the sounds of users' speeches can be very offensive. Even if the mobile phone is placed on the vibration barrier, it will interfere with some facilities. Interfering with a mobile phone is to transmit radio waves of the same frequency to cancel out the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone. The connection between the mobile phone and the base station is Hackrf One Cell Phone Jammer cut off and cannot be used. In principle, this is interference, and it is obviously illegal to use legal provisions to set things up. However, it was also pointed out that it is actually a kind of shielding in terms of the effect of use, that is, using an invisible radio wave network to shield the mobile phone signal, and shielding is not illegal, and there are many methods.