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Cell phone jammer prevents any eavesdropping

Perfectjammer 2021-04-18

cell phone jammer

An easy way to protect yourself with cell phone jammer is to buy ordinary portable phone shields in our store. The device can mute the radio signal at a large enough distance. They are usually used in public places, meeting rooms and leadership offices. Mobile phone signal jammers can be portable or fixed, thereby eliminating cellular communication channels, wireless camera and microphone communication channels. The range of such devices depends on many factors: these devices only interfere with specified frequencies, so any other devices within their operating range will work as usual. For example, if the GSM network is muted, Wi-Fi will work. The mobile phone jammer has no effect on any other equipment or personnel.

Portable cell phone jammers are very popular and have won many praises due to their compactness and powerful features. The mobile phone jammer is easy to bag, and can use the built-in powerful battery to mute the signal to a 10-meter radius, so that the device can run for 5 hours. The device is used to protect personal information in cars, and can also be used in larger rooms, offices, and cameras that block pinholes, which is a common method of eavesdropping.

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