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Mobile jammer anti-theft is very effective

Perfectjammer 2021-04-13

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Having a wireless home automation system has several advantages, especially in terms of comfort and savings, because we can easily install most equipment and usually do not require restrictive electrical modifications or the involvement of electricians. However, this installation is not without risks. Indeed, an anti-theft device with a cell phone jammer may break into your house, so there is no need to install it. Christophe of Ziblue will describe good measures that should be taken to avoid such thief intrusions as much as possible.

I studied international trade and therefore provided support for the development of large and small companies abroad or the development of foreign companies in Europe. I have worked in all European countries, as well as in North Africa and the former countries of the Soviet bloc. First of all, I want to remind you that cell phone jammers are prohibited in France and most European countries. But it does not seem complicated to get it on the Internet (200-300 euros). Disturbance is the emission of the information cloud, which prevents elements from communicating with each other. The message will be sent by the sensor, but the central console cannot hear it. It is conceivable that there are two people chatting in the bar and the football team cheering to celebrate the victory. The two people will still face each other, but they will no longer get along.

Mobile phone jammers paralyzed a large number of wireless alarms and connected objects. These same cell phone jammers have been used to steal cars. 70% of car thefts are carried out using cell phone jammers and other electronic cards. By disabling wireless alarms, thieves can enter homes, shops or other places without sending out a signal. It is difficult to estimate the theft of these mobile jammers because by definition it is untraceable, but the Ministry of the Interior pointed out that 50% of the thefts occur without break-in (including many possibilities). It was approximately 280,000 in 2016. No, but we can prevent it. RFPlayer will notify on the 433 and 868 MHz frequencies that the interference has started or is in progress, and it is very likely that malicious behavior will occur in your home, store, etc. soon.

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