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GPS jammer protects data information

Perfectjammer 2021-04-21

cell phone jammer

Mobile phones are convenient and flexible, and are widely used in people's work and life. Mobile communication is the transmission of voice and data information in an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it can intercept anyone's call information anytime, anywhere. Every phone can make a call.

The GPS interference power of the signal jammer is fixed, and the shielding radius of the unblocked space is determined by the path attenuation and the signal level of the receiving base station. In order to realize the interference of the mobile phone signal jammer to the mobile network, it is necessary to ensure that the signal field emitted by the gps jammer is stronger than the field strength of the mobile signal in the interference area. The closer the interference location is to the base station, the stronger the field strength and the smaller the effective interference area. The farther the interference location is from the base station, the weaker the field strength and the larger the effective interference area.

They are prohibited in most countries, but they can be used for free on various European and Asian websites. A small handheld GPS jammer charged on a car cigarette lighter is only 30 euros. More powerful models cost about 200 euros. Some Chinese websites even sell tripod-type military super jammers, which may damage GPS more than a mile away. In another type, a series of hacking activities carried out to protect the privacy of citizens have been published on the Internet for DIY users to make their own distractions.

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