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Cell phone jammers prevent students from playing with mobile phones

Roth Richard May 23, 2021 10:30

Some schools in Shanxi used mobile cell phone jammer to prevent students from playing with mobile phones. This news was reported and received unanimous praise from parents.

Some parents said in interviews that their children often play with mobile phones and can’t put it down. Over the long term, their eyesight has deteriorated and their academic performance is not satisfactory. Parents are playing emptiness to control their children’s playing with mobile phones. The result was minimal. This time I did not expect that there would be a device such as a mobile phone signal jammer. After the child’s mobile phone was installed in the school, he could no longer play, so he could study with peace of mind. After a period of observation, it is found that many students with poor grades have made significant progress, which has a great relationship with mobile phone jammers. Many parents of students also want to install a mobile phone signal jammer at home. I want to remind parents that the range of mobile phone jammer shielding is relatively large. If it is used at home, it is better to use a mobile phone shielding cabinet.