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How to disrupt cell phone signal?

I can't stand people talking on the phone in public any more. Every day I can hear all kinds of loud calls. Like a woman talking about her cosmetics. Or a lady talking about her family's menu tonight. So I want to know how to block cell phone signals? I need to be quiet

asked Jun 8 '18 at 18:29


Hi, Sibyl
It's true that many people don't know when to stop talking on the phone or talk quietly. So you have to learn how to stand up for yourself.
In your case, you can choose to stay away from this public place or buy a cell phone signal jammer. Jamming devices can be used to block the signal of surrounding mobile phones. It gives you a quiet environment

Faced with this situation, we will all be helpless at first. Now you can buy a portable mobile phone jammer or desktop device at perfectjammer.com, which can easily block the mobile phone signal. If you have such troubles, you can rest assured to make a purchase.

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Asked: Jun.8 18:29

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