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Cell phone jammers are used in meetings and conversations

Perfectjammer 2021-04-24

cell phone jammer

People spend time in restaurants or cafes, but some people talk more than normal on phone calls, conversations, and other activities. There is no absolute silence, but noise and other boring things, especially the distribution of mobile phones, fewer jammers prohibit mobile phones from working properly, interference from jammers throughout the restaurant, and some boring behavior (from another page Not the size of the phone, let the server stand up and wait for their order until the phone ends) never come back. 8 antenna 4W powerful multi-band cdma, PCS, DCS, 3G 4G WiFi GPS LoJack signal frequency mobile cell phone jammer. Can fully meet our requirements. The interference radius can reach 30 meters, which is the most important factor. In addition, we don't have to be far away from our neighbors.

Basically, the device is represented by a portable pocket muffler, and they can't even guess that this will make the defense more effective and help deter saboteurs who deliberately destroy the company's confidential information. The easiest way to protect yourself with a portable cell phone jammer is to buy the most common portable cell phone jammer in our store. The device can mute the radio signal at a large enough distance. They are usually used in public places, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, and directors' offices. The mobile phone signal jammer can be fixed in the pocket, which can eliminate the cellular communication channel, wireless camera and microphone communication channel. The range of such devices depends on many factors: these devices only interfere with specified frequencies, so any other devices within their operating range will work as usual. For example, if the GSM network is muted, wi-fi will work. The mobile phone jammer has no effect on any other equipment or personnel.

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