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What does the public think of GPS jammer interference?

Pode Visar 2022/07/22

  Several jamming devices/techniques are available on the Internet and will continue to proliferate as a single device may disrupt military and civilian operations worldwide will be attractive to malicious governments and groups.

  If terrorists use a jammer on an aircraft, it will increase the range and "hence the effectiveness of the jammer".

  The possibility of a GPS-guided weapon clashing in Iraq with a Russian-made GPS jammers, which has anti-jamming technology.

  Protect civilian GPS signals and users, including "transfer of appropriate anti-jamming technology from military to civilian use."

  A loss of GPS signal on a commercial aircraft would not "cause a catastrophic event" because airliners use multiple navigation systems. Losing a GPS signal can be "pretty challenging" for a general aviation aircraft flying solely on GPS.

  General aviation pilots do not use GPS as their only source of navigation, and the potential for interference is a "nuisance" rather than a safety hazard.

  While "any average radio engineer" has the knowledge to build GPS jammers, there are few reports of GPS systems being attacked.

  The Federal Aviation Administration is developing a nationwide GPS-based precision landing system.