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Who uses gps jammer and why?

Gleason Arliss 2022/07/21

  GPS jammers are being increasingly used by car thieves aiming to avoid detection after a theft, since high value cars are often fitted with GPS trackers for security. There have also been reports of hijackers using gps jammers on trucks carrying valuable cargo to prevent the truck drivers from getting help and their managers from seeing them diverting from their normal routes.

  The introduction of vehicle tracking systems can sometimes go down badly amongst some of the drivers who see it as an invasion of privacy. Perhaps those who are used to taking the company vehicle for personal errands or private work while on company time.

  More dangerously, some commercial drivers could use these devices in order to avoid their time being clocked and circumvent laws on safe driving hours.

  Each jamming device is different – but basic jammers will only operate on the frequency used by the GPS (Navstar) GNSS network. This means that navigation systems that can also use the Russian GLONASS network and the EU Galileo network can still function normally. In addition to this – many higher end vehicle trackers use cellphone network triangulation in order to get a faster fix, and will still be able to detect their position through these means.