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About electromagnetic waves emitted by shielding equipment such as gps jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/08/16

  Parents worry that electromagnetic radiation will harm children. "The child's classroom has a cell phone jammer. At first I thought it was there to prevent students from cheating in exams, but it's still in use." endanger the health of children.

About electromagnetic waves emitted by shielding equipment such as gps jammer

  How about the WiFi jammer in your life? WiFi signal is a kind of microwave, and the main effect of microwave on human body is thermal effect. The thermal effect is mainly due to the rapid rotation of the polar molecules in the organism under the action of the high-frequency microwave electric field, resulting in frictional heat generation. For the human body, it is mainly the water in the human body. The power of the WiFi signal is very low, and the biological tissue absorbs less microwave energy. The absorbed microwave energy can be released to the whole body or outside the body through the blood circulation through its own thermal regulation system.

  Finally, the shielding device has a relatively short emission time, so you don't have to worry about radiation problems. No matter what kind of shielding device they produce, the manufacturer of the shielding device will prepare a test report from a professional organization to let consumers know that the product is acceptable.

  Does GPS jammer radiation have any harm to the human body in life? The radiation of GPS and other wireless signals is electromagnetic radiation, mainly because the heat of human tissue will affect health, and it requires a relatively large intensity to cause damage. The basic stance of the scientific community on such radiation in everyday life remains that there is currently no reliable evidence that the weak radio frequency signals emitted by cars from gps jammer can affect human health.

  What about drone jammers? The signal shielding of wireless communication equipment affects normal use, and there are certain doubts about radiation problems. There are many factors, and drone jammers also have radiation problems, but the actual incidence is negligible, and the impact on human health is negligible.