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In Ukraine War, Russia Relies On Consumer Grade GPS Units

Perfectjammer 2022/07/21

  One of Russia’s most significant failures, and potentially the most damaging to its campaign, has been its inability to achieve air superiority.

In Ukraine War, Russia Relies On Consumer Grade GPS Units

  In military terms, this refers to a state having a sufficient degree of dominance to conduct aerial operations (such as close air support or air strikes) without significant interference from opposing forces and air defence systems.

  Modern aircraft GPS antennae have the ability to null multiple GPS jamming signals at the same time — that added to the natural jam resistance of a properly keyed and locked GPS receiver make it a near impossibility to jam aircraft unless they are extremely close to a GPS jammers (within multiple kilometers).

  Before the invasion began, it was widely anticipated Russia would quickly achieve air superiority. This is because on paper Russia’s air force is vastly superior to Ukraine’s.

  Prior to the invasion, Ukraine possessed Europe’s seventh-largest air force. While this sounds potent – and in relative terms, it is – it amounts to some 200 aircraft of all types (fighters, close air support, helicopters, transport aircraft and others). In comparison, Russia possesses about 1,500 combat aircraft alone.

  The backbone of Ukraine’s air force are older Soviet era fighters, namely 50 MiG-29s and 32 Su-27s. Meanwhile, Russia employs modern versions of Soviet aircraft, such as the Su-30, Su-33 and Su-35.

  Russia also has modern strike aircraft such as the Su-34 as well as long-range strategic bombers like the Tu-22, Tu-95 and Tu-160.

  However, images have emerged suggesting Russia’s strike aircraft are reliant on generic, consumer-grade GPS units. If this is true, it only reinforces Russia’s lack of capability.

  A Ukrainian intelligence official called the Russian threat “pretty severe” when it comes to disrupting reconnaissance efforts and commanders’ communications with troops.

  Russian jamming of GPS receivers on drones that Ukrainian used to locate the enemy and direct artillery fire and use jammer to counterattack.

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