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How widespread is gps jammer use?

Gleason Arliss 2022/07/21

  In late 2021, a study was conducted using a network of covert listening stations in areas in the UK that had been experiencing unexplained distortions in their GPS receiving equipment. Among the organisations involved were the Ordnance Survey, The police.Found that as many as 10 jamming incidents occurred each day in some areas, and suggested that there may be thousands of jammers in use nationwide.

How widespread is gps jammer use

  Prosecutor's Office for the UK to introduce new legislation that will impose harsher penalties on people caught using GPS jammers and blockers. The new law should have the same severity as in Australia, which jails offenders for as long as 5 years and fine them for almost AUS$1 million.

  The government, with the help of GPS technology researchers, are directing efforts to make it easier to catch people who use jammers and blockers.

  Alternatives to GPS technology are also being developed. Which uses long wave radio signals emitted by land-based beacons, which are too powerful for ordinary jammers to block. The UK’s General Lighthouse Authorities was the first organisation in the world to start using this technology in 2013 in place of GPS.