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5 Things You May Not Know about GPS Jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/07/18

5 Things You May Not Know about GPS Jammers

  5 things you may not know about GPS system jammers:

  1) Criminals, car thieves and pranksters can use GPS jammers to get away with bad behavior. For example, if a car thief steals a car with a GPS jammer, then law enforcement will not be able to use the GPS tracking device to track down the vehicle. Jamming equipment can also be used to block toll road charges.

  2) Jamming devices can easily be ordered online. GPS jammers are marketed and sold online as gadgets to protect personal privacy and prevent someone from tracking your movements.

  3) GPS jammers are illegal in the United States and restricted in Europe. However, laws in some other countries are less clear.

  4) Since car and truck fleet operators often equip vehicles with on-board GPS tracking receivers, drivers may use jammers to prevent their bosses from monitoring them.

  5) A GPS jammer works by sending out the same frequencies that GPS tracking devices send out. This makes it difficult for the GPS tracker to send and receive signals that allow for an accurate calculation. Consequently, the GPS tracker cannot properly identify location or time and ceases to function.