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Myths About GPS Jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  Most field service reps are aware of the regulations and penalties for using a GpS jamming device to manipulate their location or driving log.These actions can have a more significant impact.

  Fact: If field service reps try to use GpS jammers to manipulate their location data and block GpS tracking, the managers will know about it. While drivers might think the jammers will make them invisible, in reality, their sneaky on-road behavior will attract even more attention.

Myths About GPS Jammers

  So, if a driver using a mobile route planning app is trying to prevent a GpS tracker by using a jammer, the vehicle will not disappear; it will still appear on the live map as a missing trip. Also, when the drivers plug their jammers in a cigarette lighter port during the journey, you will see a line from when the jamming started.

  If you are wondering how to detect GPS jammers in your vehicles, you can create an exception rule in your mobile GpS navigation app that looks for GpS signal faults and sends an alert when interference occurs.

  Conclusions About GpS Blocking & GpS Tracking Apps

  While there is no conclusive research on the number of drivers using GpS jammers to hide their locations from their employers, their use appears to be on the rise. And, even though most drivers do not use jammers to conceal illegal activities, these devices interfere with critical communication systems related to public safety. So, if you are worried your drivers might be using jamming devices, it is essential to monitor and confront them if you notice any suspicious activity. Better education for drivers on the benefits of GpS tracking systems and the hazards of using jamming devices may help make our roads a lot safer.