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GPS jammer conducts large-scale information blockade

Quinn Milton April 01, 2021 10:30

The ban on the use of mobile phones at the beginning of the 2017 school year, as well as other facts, such as the blockade of Nantes Airport by gps jammer last April, reminded people of the existence of these devices and made them unusable. communication. If these materials exist, who can decide to implement them? The latest information about applicable laws.

In order to prevent untimely use of mobile phones during school hours, some people propose to install "GPS jammers" in schools. The Chief Inspector of National Education has considered this issue. It pointed out that this device is not optional, it will also be related to teachers, and in emergency situations (attacks, etc.), it will restrict communication with the outside world.

From a strict legal point of view, the 2012 ministerial response reviewed the prohibition in Article L. 33-3-1 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Law and the adoption of “allowing use in a derogatory manner due to public needs.” This fact. Order, national defense, and national security, or just public service.” Unauthorized use in schools is because it is not mentioned in the exhaustive list of exemptions.

The 2011 decree that introduced the ban came into effect on February 1, 2012. However, according to Article 57 of the Act, radio equipment can be disabled for all types of mobile phones (transmitting and receiving) built within the scope of performance. From the date of promulgation of the Regulations, each agency can continue to be authorized for a period of five years. The problem of using mobile phones in theaters arose in the 1990s, and GPS jammer technology has been effective for some time. This five-year period has now expired, and its purpose is to allow theater owners to uninstall the equipment.

Now, there are other forms of supervision (information, self-discipline, etc.). In addition, on the contrary, due to the threat of terrorists, the use of mobile phones, including in these places, must not be prevented.