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Cell Phone Jammer Diy Kit Ebay

Perfectjammer 2021/07/16

Many prisons gathered together and asked the Federal Communications Commission to allow congestion within their walls before waiting for the verdict. This method has brought many problems. Most importantly, the guards cannot use mobile phones. If the prison radio frequency is close to a cell phone in the group, the cell phone can even use walkie-talkies that are not in the group. If medical staff, police or firefighters are called into prison, their radio system is in the 800MHz frequency band, and they are in danger of death as soon as they step out of the prison gate. communication. Cell Phone Jammer Diy Kit Ebay . Since most people don't understand the consequences of installing cell phone jammer, it can inspire others, and they think prisoners who can use jammers should be able to use it. As a mobile phone user, I want to be able to use my mobile phone almost anywhere. In unpopular places such as doctors’ offices, theaters and some restaurants, notice boards are usually posted advising people not to use mobile phones indoors.

In the modern world, technological spy equipment is increasingly used. Spy or keyhole spy is outdated, ineffective and unnecessary because it has been successfully replaced by more advanced methods of information acquisition, namely miniature cameras, radio microphones, microphones and phones, and mobile phone monitoring devices. This type of spy material has a negative impact, affecting the reputation of the entire company, some individuals, officials, businessmen, and even families. The most technical and effective way to compensate for unwanted information leakage in the radio is to use Cell Phone Jammer Diy Kit Ebay . By acting as a radio channel blocker in a certain area, the possibility of surveillance by secret cameras, errors, eavesdropping equipment, etc., is eliminated.