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Blocking A Cell Phone Number Us Cellular Prevents Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/03/27

On the morning of the 6th, when the reporter came to the Municipal Admissions and Examination Office, teachers from some test centers happened to come to collect anti-cheating Cell Phone Jammer equipment. The reporter saw various devices for preventing cheating in the college entrance examination this year. In addition to metal detectors, there are cheat cards, ID card readers, Blocking A Cell Phone Number Us Cellular . Cheat Section, also known as "Wireless Invisible Headphone Detector", is mainly aimed at cheaters who use wireless headphones, including Bluetooth headphones. As soon as the warning light of the instrument appears, it indicates that there is a situation. ID card identification devices and fingerprint identification devices are used to identify suspicious candidates and will not be used by every candidate taking the test. There are 38,582 candidates for the summer college entrance examination in Qingdao this year, an increase of 1,748 over last year.

This year's college entrance examination, Qingdao has set up 11 examination areas, 30 examination rooms, and 1313 examination rooms. Therefore, many examination rooms will be escorted by high-definition electric eyes for monitoring. On the 6th, in the electronic monitoring center of the 2014 National College Admissions (Summer) Examination Center of the Qingdao Admissions Office, there are screens on both sides of the room. The left side of the door is a large screen, and the right side is some small screens. Quoting Linda Cobb, a spokeswoman for the Pasco County School District, "Verizon has gone to the school to investigate after hearing about someone using a Blocking A Cell Phone Number Us Cellular device because cellular service in the area is always cut off." Verizon. The latter said it would not sue Lipuda at this time, and a spokesman said it declined to comment on the matter at this time.