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To Block Private Numbers On My Cell Phone

Iris LEE 2021-10-27

More than 9,400 college entrance examination test sites in the province will all be installed and moved To Block Private Numbers On My Cell Phone , and the equipment is certified by relevant departments and is harmless to the candidates. Yesterday, news was posted from the seminar on publicity work for admissions examinations across the province. This year, for the college entrance examination, our province will fully implement wireless electronic signal shielding in examination rooms for the first time to completely solve the problem of cheating using wireless communication tools. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Recruitment Office said that in recent years, with the development of high technology, some candidates cheated on their mobile phones in the examination room, which directly affected the fair and just implementation of the examination. The Provincial Department of Information Industry designated relevant inspection agencies to conduct sampling tests on the shielding effect of mobile phone jammers installed in various cities. The mobile phone jammers that will be put into use have low power and are harmless to the candidates. cell phone jammer

The mobile phone jammer is managed by the user unit and installed and used at the specified time and place. The shielding area is strictly limited. While maintaining the normal order of the examination room, To Block Private Numbers On My Cell Phone avoid adverse effects on mobile communications outside the examination room. While implementing shielding, the Provincial Recruitment and Examination Office has also joined forces with the public security department to increase inspections of vehicles equipped with radio transmission facilities near the examination room to strictly prevent high-tech cheating. The college entrance examination is coming soon, some criminals sell the so-called college entrance examination papers and answers to candidates and parents through mobile phone text messages and other channels. The Provincial Recruitment Office and the Provincial Public Security Department send public short messages to remind candidates and parents to beware of being deceived. If you encounter such fraud, you can report to the public security department and the recruitment department. The Provincial Recruitment Office also organized two training courses to systematically train more than 800 people including the directors of the provincial, municipal, and county (district) recruitment offices and test management personnel in terms of examination management and test safety.