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Cell phone jammer prevents Internet surfing

Perfectjammer 2021-05-08

cell phone jammer

Heilongjiang University’s level of 2014 orientation work has changed from the traditional paper-based registration to a digital method of collecting information online in advance + identification on the day of registration: information is entered online in advance, the registration procedure is simplified, and the identification information is verified in one minute on the 26th, in 2014 at Heilongjiang University At the registration site for freshmen, the school has configured ID card recognizers, built a network platform, added a power network environment and digital equipment, which greatly saved the registration time, and the efficient welcome process was praised by parents and students. Heida has clearly marked the categories of online login and registration instructions to help the poor and help students. Freshmen only need three to five minutes to complete the information entry work. At the same time, we will install mobile cell phone jammer in the classroom to prevent students from surfing the Internet. .

Through the orientation system, the first-year counselors of the whole school can understand the student's family situation, registration method, green channel application and other content in real time before new students register, so as to provide corresponding guidance to each student in the orientation work. The welcome system data will also be synchronized with the financial payment, educational administration, school hospital, and library systems to avoid repeated data transmission.

It is understood that Heilongjiang University, as the first university in Heilongjiang Province to deploy ID card recognizers in the orientation work, fully utilizes digital equipment, simplifies the overall process, and at the same time explains the principle of mobile phone jammers. Through the recognizer, the ID number, ID photo, and authenticity of the ID card held by the new students can be verified within 40 seconds, verifying that the information is networked across the country, and the accuracy of the information is adequately guaranteed. In the process of identity recognition, the work of enrollment to registration, freshman admission qualification verification and student image information collection is completed at the same time to improve the efficiency of the welcome.

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