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Cell phone jammer prevents remote control

Perfectjammer 2021-05-05

cell phone jammer

According to reports, Jiangsu Province will introduce mobile cell phone jammer in the judicial examination for the first time. The National Judicial Examination will start on the 20th and 21st of this month. Yesterday, the Municipal Judicial Examination Office discussed examination affairs with multiple departments including public security, confidentiality, radio, power supply, and passenger transportation. It is reported that this test will uniformly use the standardized test room, equipped with a mobile phone jammer for the first time, and put into a remote high-definition video monitoring system to implement measures such as examination paper confidentiality and anti-cheating measures in accordance with the standards of the college entrance examination.

Since all examination rooms are equipped with mobile phone jammers for the first time, all candidates must pass the detection of metal detectors one by one before entering the examination room. For this reason, the majority of candidates try to avoid wearing metal clothing and metal jewelry when referring to them.

During the examination period, the Municipal Radio Management Office dispatched a radio monitoring vehicle to monitor abnormal radio signals without blind spots. Once cheating by candidates is discovered, they will be promptly investigated and dealt with by the public security organs in serious cases.

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