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Cell phone jammer prevents loud speaking

Perfectjammer 2021-05-05

cell phone jammer

From January to August 2014, the Water Park, Red Mountain Park, Xinjiang Tianshan Wildlife Park, and the People’s Park police station strengthened their stability maintenance efforts. A total of 97 cases and 144 suspects were transferred to the police station in the jurisdiction. On September 12, Xinjiang Urumqi Forestry Bureau (City Landscape Administration) commended the water park, Hongshan Park, Xinjiang Tianshan Wildlife Park, People’s Park, South Park, and Botanical Garden that achieved certain results in the stability maintenance work in 2014. They installed cell phone jammer in every corner of the park to prevent tourists from speaking loudly.

Currently, Urumqi city parks have installed 56 security gates, 4 X-ray machines, and 830 new surveillance camera probes. Each unit has invested a total of 1.5921 million yuan to purchase patrol cars, car stoppers, catchers, Security equipment such as stab-resistant suits, batons, shields, and mobile phone jammers. At the same time, 27 emergency drills and more than 100 special trainings on security inspection and security were organized. Concentrate manpower and material resources to protect safety

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