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Cell phone jammers prevent eavesdropping devices

Perfectjammer 2021-05-07

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In the recent period, special equipment with eavesdropping functions such as electronic watches, keys, buttons, crutches, etc. have been sold on the Beijing electronic market. These mobile cell phone jammer are characterized by ultra-miniaturization, high concealment, and high efficiency, and illegal sales and use threaten the privacy of the public.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the Municipal National Security Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Sale of Special Equipment for Eavesdropping and Photo Shooting." , May even have to be held criminally responsible.

Log on to Taobao.com and search for products with the word "sneak shooting". The results show that according to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the related treasures that can not be shown can not be shown. At the same time, due to concerns about privacy and security, some anti-eavesdropping devices are selling hot.

And due to the wanton proliferation of such eavesdropping and recording equipment, mobile phone jammers for anti-eavesdropping, anti-eavesdropping, anti-sneak shooting, and anti-sneak camera monitoring are gradually becoming popular. Undoubtedly, these products have greatly curbed the wanton proliferation of wiretapping and recording equipment. This type of equipment can use radio waves, a variety of ways to query hidden cameras, you can know whether there are suspicious wireless signals in the environment, and so on.

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