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Cell phone jammer sanctions cell phone signal

Pearson Adam March 24, 2021 10:30

Most lawyers believe that schools can at least ban the use of mobile phones under certain conditions and circumstances. However, this must be done within an appropriate framework. On the other hand, a ban that goes beyond this range and only prohibits the wearing of mobile phones is largely considered unacceptable. First, it is generally believed that schools do not have the freedom to set their own rules at will. You must provide a legal basis for this and abide by the principle of proportionality. The school laws of the federal states form the basis, but most of them have only general requirements: schools can stipulate measures to achieve educational and teaching tasks in school regulations. This may also include restricting the use of mobile phones.

This usually leads to disputes between relevant employees: cell phone jammer once prohibited the use of cell phones. What happens if the cell phone is violated? Since the prohibition of using mobile phones may also affect the basic rights of students, for example, B. Free personal development and property rights must be proportionate. In addition, parents may have legal rights, so parents' rights must also be considered when contacting children via mobile phones. It must be proportional. In addition, parents may have legal rights, so parents must also be considered when contacting children via mobile phones.

"Now we only have jammers for 2G and 3G signals. If we put a huge effort into installing 4G mobile phone jammers today, it will be outdated by the time 5G appears. Therefore, we are trying to install 5G jammers. By the way, The government talked about the installation of 4G jammers in an official press release that night. “We have three detective dogs in the prison area. The minister added that we plan to add seven more facilities to check the use of drugs and mobile phones in the prison complex.