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Device That Blocks Cell Phone Cameras Block Radio Waves

Perfectjammer 2022/03/30

Radio wave propagation is limited by distance. In order to ensure the transmission quality, cheaters are all in hotels near the test room, and some hide in cars outside the test room, becoming mobile launch points. Gao Jinsheng said that even if the source of cheating is the mobile phone, you are not afraid. As long as a signal is sent, the inspection department can also drive a mobile monitoring vehicle to track, determine the specific location, and then cooperate with the public security department to act together. "At present, the education department has installed Device That Blocks Cell Phone Cameras in the examination room, and the mobile phone signal is blocked, so it is impossible to cheat through mobile phones, mainly through radio equipment." Gao Jinsheng introduced that many people now sell college entrance examination cheating Cell Phone Jammer equipment online, all through radio waves. spread. The supplier first arranges an internal reply in the examination room in advance. As soon as the test paper comes out, it is necessary to use a button camera or a scanning pen to steal the question and give it to the "gunman" outside the test room.

Before the exam is over, cheaters use cell phones or radio transmissions to send answers to candidates who have purchased cheating devices. The important job of the Radio Management Office is to cut off the sources of information about cheating in the college entrance examination. In addition, the Radio Management Office has a set of suppression equipment. When the abnormal signal causes serious harm, the device can immediately block the signal or signals of a certain road section. Regarding the opening of the shielding device for the fifth-term middle school examination in Luohe City, the relevant person in charge of the Luohe Education Bureau said that as long as the national, provincial and municipal examinations are not unified, schools are generally not allowed to open Device That Blocks Cell Phone Cameras . No matter what the motivation of Luohe No. 5 Middle School's mobile phone jammer, it cannot affect the normal communication of other residents. The relevant person in charge of the bureau said that the matter needs to be investigated and dealt with. On the morning of November 13, Luohe Wugao Li, who was on a business trip, received a call from reporters, saying that he had been informed of the incident and ordered the school responsible comrades to turn off their mobile phones immediately. Jammers; For the exam on the 13th, the classroom monitoring system will be used in the exam room. According to the investigation, on November 13, the mobile communication signal of the residents in the neighborhood of Luohe No. 5 High School has returned to normal.