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Mobile jammers are suitable for high-end secret places

Perfectjammer 2021-05-11

cell phone jammer

I think many people know the term jammer after passing the exam, and jammer is also used in other situations. It is widely used in mobile phones, wifi and various places where gps signals need to be shielded. So, what is the classification of cell phone jammer? I will introduce them.

Jammers are divided into special jammers used in test sites, wall cell phone circuit breakers, etc. As the name suggests, special laboratory mobile phone jammers can play a supervisory role and prevent candidates from cheating. Specially used for inspection. This wall-mounted mobile phone jammer, jammer, is more suitable for high-end secret places, it is difficult to distinguish and is very beautifully hidden.

Radio cell phone jammers still come in different sizes, but the range varies depending on your type. As for the shielding range, the radio circuit breaker we sell can shield the GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G frequency band. Each independent channel can freely adjust the blocking distance, and one channel can be closed. The transmit power can be adjusted to any power within 0-6 W. You can adjust any occlusion distance within the effective occlusion radius of 0 m-50 m. The working temperature of the machine is below 45 degrees, and it will not generate heat. I have been able to work for a long time and can continue to work without interruption. It is a foreign advanced technology and has a long use time.


Mobile phone jammers are used in various occasions Mobile jammers provide the most powerful fight against cheating