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Mobile jammer prevents communication with the outside world

Perfectjammer 2021-05-09

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From September 10, Hebei Hengshui City will formally implement the new version of the "Provisions for Handling Physician Qualification Examination Violations of Discipline and Regulations." In order to meet the new version of the "Provisions on the Handling of Violations of Discipline and Regulations in the Physician Qualification Examination", Hengshui City has formulated corresponding measures to prevent and substitute the examination. All test rooms are equipped with mobile cell phone jammer, ID card recognition devices, metal detectors, mobile phone jammers, etc., and a dedicated person is arranged to take pictures of candidates throughout the test and retain test information. At the same time, three checks are carried out on the candidates' identities, to a large extent prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of substitute examinations. For school personnel and health system personnel who collude with candidates to provide convenience to candidates who violate disciplines, the Municipal Health Bureau will strictly deal with them in accordance with regulations.

The new regulations clearly stipulate that for organized cheating such as taking exams by others, they are not allowed to apply for the qualifications of doctors for life; medical students who participate in organized cheating in serious circumstances are not allowed to apply for the qualifications of doctors for life; if doctors participate in organized cheating, they shall be The registered health administrative department cancels its practice registration in accordance with the law, withdraws the doctor’s practice certificate, and no longer registers it. At the same time, we will also use some mobile phone jammers in the examination room to prevent communication with the outside world.

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